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This page consists of letters to the editor from both the hardcopy and internet version of Endure To The End. I will print letters by those who have an opposing view or difference of opinion, as long as it is not a personal attack or too offensive.

Dear Ron: Greetings in the agape love of the Lord. Your service and ministry has been a blessing to me and I hope this story will encourage you as the thoughts of the printed page you have sent me throughout the years have greatly helped me. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C virus from a needle stick last year (I'm a vascular scrub tech). The virus was literally destroying healthy liver and the doctor told me I was at great risk of developing Hepatic Cellular Carcinoma, or, a liver tumor, which is an automatic death sentence, in the earthly medical sense. Another strange twist to this: I scrubbed the same disease that was diagnosed in my body, so I got to have a front row seat to see how devastating it is to the flesh. I remember asking the Lord after scrubbing on those cases and sometimes seeing the patient die, "Lord, what do I do with this", holding my hands with the patients blood on them. He gently replied, "Give it to me". This went around time and time again. Meanwhile, I was getting very sick and weak. Only after going through some of this trial, I finally realized the Lord had me going nowhere if I did not finally surrender my life to Him, I would be destroyed; that is, my health was getting worse and and I was getting so fatigued and weak. I asked the Lord and in His mercy and love, He showed me a simple but powerful truth from His word. I have read these scriptures before but now they are a revelation to me. First, my life does not belong to me anymore, it is His , totally. I have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ and ransomed to be brought into His service, will, plans, and purposes. For that to happen, He uses trials and chastisements (Hebrews 12) to mold and shape us into the image and likeness of His son, Jesus Christ. The idea is to reflect His glory , not ours (Romans 8). The Lord in a very clear way showed me this truth: I was in rebellion and sin and needed to once and for all, totally surrender. In some peoples lives, it takes looking at death to realize that you are truly stuck and your flesh will not save you this time. I repeatedly called out for His mercy -- His love is so wonderful. Yesterday, I got my lab tests back -- my liver functions are perfectly normal and the Hepatitis C cannot be detected in my blood. The Lord has birthed a miracle in my life with this healing, but more important, given me an intense hunger to be transformed into the image and likeness of His son, Jesus Christ. I pray that your mind be clean, your heart pure, and faith strong. I have learned this year in a very real way, that the Lord is in control, and more powerful than any of life's problems and circumstances, if we yield to Him and His ways. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Love, Eric

"Dear Ron: Thank you so much for continuing to send me the Endure To The End newsletter. I have prayed for the Holy Spirit to provide the knowledge that I would need to make the right decision what I should or should not do about the challenges to our freedom in the United States of America. I am very sad to know that I have wasted so many years of my life trying to stop "big brother" and the many forces which have grown up around us with their evil intent. Fortunetly, once again, God has seen fit to provide wisdom and grace for my salvation. I am no longer a "patriot" trying to save my country from destruction. No, those days are over. Thanks to you and other Christian people, the truth has been placed in me with great clarity. I am no longer a slave to the "great work" of the founding fathers. I no longer love these things. My work is to tell my brothers and sisters what the truth is so they can find peace in Jesus and not waste any more time trying to preserve their "rights". Thanks again for all your work to help us understand God's plan and for helping me get out of His way. My prayers are with you. VK, McHenry, IL"

"Dear Mr. Patton, I have been praying about how to get in touch with you ever since I read your article on Project Monarch. I want you to know that what you wrote had a tremendous impact on me . I had been having bits and pieces of memories since 1993, and your article tied together everything that had been in my journals, artwork, thoughts, etc. I know without a doubt that I am a survivor of Project Monarch. I don't know if I can adequately convey what this article did for me . It was the most extreme validation I have received regarding what I always thought were the most bizzare, crazy, and hardest to believe things. I now know that I am not crazy, and that I can trust God to guide me into all truth by His Spirit. May God bless you, TM"

"Ron, This is to inform you that I enjoy 'Endure To The End' very much. I have few (very few) friends that are interested in the truth. If it were not for publications, such as yours, I would feel totally lost. Please do not remove my name from your mailing list -- I look forward to seeing it in my mail box. Reading it makes me aware there are others who realize the severity of the times we are living in and trying to prepare spirtually. I pray that many of us will truly be capable of really 'enduring to the end'. I am well aware that it will not be easy and sometimes I fear I will not be able to stand up to what's about to come upon us. Thanks for your research and interesting articles. God speaks to me through them often. Sincerly, BS, Haddonfield, NJ" [Editor's Comment: Endure To The End is not intended to be a replacement for the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit, but rather, is a means to direct or point readers to the light of God's truth.]

"You couldn't be more wrong about Fritz Springmeier with the trash you post on this site. Marion Knox is clueless concerning Fritz and John Torell is a disinfo agent. For anyone interested, Fritz has a rebuttal to Torell's article...James" [Editor's Comment: Sadly, many people have placed Fritz Springmeier on a pedestal without honestly examining both sides of the issue. I had personally known Fritz for several years and know things about him most people are not privy to. My intention was to never get caught up in senseless arguments and "mudslinging" but instead, to expose Springmeier in an objective and Biblical manner.]