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Voice in the Wilderness
This newsletter, primarily prophetic in nature, is a monthly publication written and published by Ed Spurlin. His ministry is a non-profit, tax-immune organization devoted to the dissemination of God's Word - without regard to political indebtedness, or denominational tradition. It is organized under, and soley accountable to, the authority of the Almighty God. Subscriptions and tracts are available for voluntary donation. There are currently 300 titles available. For a free listing and subscription to Voice in the Wilderness, write or call to:

Voice in the Wilderness
35 Summer St.
Milford, NH 03055

  Christian Truth and Victory Publications
Al Ricks has numerous books about the New World Order, Illuminati, Satanism, and Freemasonry. Many of the publications he carries are actually ones written by individuals belonging to these nefarious groups, thus making it an excellent resource for primary source documentation. In essence, these secretive organizations expose themselves, to some extent. For a free catalog, direct your correspondence to:

Christian Truth and Victory Publications
9088 County Road 11 NW
Alexandria, MN 56308

  Northwest Bible Conferences
Richard Rawe is the coordinator/facilitator for this unique series of conferences. Speakers come from all around the world to attend, giving in-depth presentations relating to issues concerning the Holy Bible and Christianity. Many of the presenters and attendees are former members of pseudo-Christian cults, such as the Jehovah's Witneses and World-Wide Church of God. The conference allows for much interaction and dialogue, fulfilling the scripture,"come and let us reason together." For a program listing of dates, places, and topics, submit your inquiries to:

Richard Rawe
Box 443
Soap Lake, WA 98851

  James Johnson
This song writer and Christian recording artist (and good friend) recently released his first CD, NARROW STREET. It offers a variety of musical styles such as reggae, blues and pop, yet the message is essentially the same: genuine, heart-felt worship to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To inquire about the availabilty and cost of the CD, check out his web page or contact him through snail-mail:

James Johnson
325 E. Washington #111
Sequim, WA 98382